Spring Venture Group Case Study

Learn how a top insurance marketing company accelerated AWS Cloud Migration by having Logicworks design, build and provide cloud support.
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What's In the Case Study?

Learn how Logicworks helped Spring Venture Group, a top insurance marketing company, to accelerate their migration to AWS.

Spring Venture Group’s VP of Information Technology, Jerry Hagedorn, decided to focus capital and personnel on software development rather than non-differentiating infrastructure management.
Logicworks set up AWS Elastic Container Service and automated build-out and deployment of resources with AWS Cloud Formation, Puppet, and AWS Service Catalog
As a result of choosing Logicworks and AWS, Spring Venture Group significantly accelerated production launch on AWS and met their HIPAA compliance responsibilities in the cloud. Infrastructure automation and containerization has improved reliability and reduced the need for manual intervention to update, repair, or replicate the system.

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