LinkIt! Case Study

Education SaaS provider LinkIt! improves cloud cost management, saving 60% on their AWS cloud bill by partnering with Logicworks for cloud optimization.
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What's in the Case Study?

LinkIt! provides mission-critical data warehousing and assessment solutions to school districts, content publishers, and test-prep organizations. The software allows customers to consolidate all of their student achievement data in a single location and capture metrics for local assessments. The platform then
produces an analytics dashboard as well as detailed reports for the district, school, teacher and student. LinkIt! ultimately allows educators to make real-time instructional decisions at both the classroom and enterprise level.

LinkIt! retained Logicworks for continuing cloud operations
Logicworks monitors the AWS environment, offers 24x7x365 engineering support, and conducts regular reviews to ensure that LinkIt! takes advantage of the latest AWS features and services.
LinkIt! continues to enjoy annual revenue growth of 40-50%, data usage growth of 60-80% and only experience slow double-digit growth on their AWS bill.

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