LinkIt! Case Study

Education SaaS provider LinkIt! improves cloud cost management, saving 60% on their AWS cloud bill by partnering with Logicworks for cloud optimization.


What's in the Case Study?

As LinkIt! continued its multi-year expansion, the technical team had their hands full with product development and didn’t have time to actively manage their cloud resources. When their cloud spend doubled twice, they sought out Logicworks to optimize their AWS resources.

Eliminated waste, right-sizing, and utilized new features & services to reduce AWS costs by 60%
Average 60-80% data usage growth with low double-digit growth on AWS costs
Continued cloud operations. support - monitoring, 24x7 engineering support &  reviews for continued optimization

About Logicworks

25 Years of Cloud Expertise

Logicworks has been helping customers achieve IT operational excellence and cloud compliance for over 25 years. Our innovative platform, dedicated certified engineers, and decades of traditional IT experience combine to enable our customers' success across every stage of the cloud journey.

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