Fiduciary Technology Case Study

Fiduciary Technology partners chooses Logicworks to design and manage its IT infrastructure.

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What's In the Case Study?

Fiduciary Technology Partners (FidTech) offers a Software-as-a-Service platform that nonprofit foundations and endowments use to manage their investment portfolios. When Founder & CEO Sam Whittle sought to expand FidTech’s client base and scale their infrastructure, he chose to partner with Logicworks, a Managed Service Provider specializing in cloud-computing and Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

FidTech set out to bring the latest investment management technology to community foundations.
Logicworks assisted FidTech through their migration, providing an outsourced security and network design consulting service.
Logicworks configured the entire infrastructure including security tools like firewalls,VPN, and network subnets, access levels based on privilege, backups, DNS, as well as compute and storage resources..

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