Counsyl Case Study

Healthcare leader in genetic screening migrated critical applications to a HIPAA-compliant AWS cloud environment to create an efficient IT operation


What's In the Case Study?

Counsyl made the decision to migrate several of their critical applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Counsyl wanted to automate provisioning of new infrastructure so that new products could be quickly tested and launched in minutes while also reducing their IT footprint to create a more efficient IT operation.

Architected an AWS solution that meets HIPAA standards for infrastructure security, monitoring, incident management, logging & documentation
Built a hub-spoke VPC model, where critical security and management capabilities are centralized and environment tiers are “spokes” off of this central hub
Set up a PostgreSQL replica from Counsyl’s datacenter to a PostgreSQL server running on Amazon EC2, with replication between the two sites via AWS VPN gateway

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