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 Case Studies 

AWS Helps Spring Venture Group Grow and Stay Compliant

Industry: Healthcare, Insurance Broker   |   AWS Services/ Keywords: AWS Service Catalog, HIPAA, HITRUST, Docker, AWS ECS, Containers

Logicworks Anticipates Customer Needs to Become a Next-Generation MSP on AWS

Industry: Healthcare, SaaS   |   Key Services/Keywords: HITRUST, 

#1 Genetic Screening Company Migrates HIPAA Compliant Workloads to AWS with Logicworks

Industry: Life Sciences, SaaS, Analytics   |   Key Services/Keywords: Big Data, Analytics, Amazon S3, PostgreSQL 

Orion Health Partners with Logicworks to Host 50+ Million Health Records on AWS

Industry: Healthcare, SaaS, HIE   |   Key Services/Keywords: Multi-tenant, Oracle, Government, HIPAA


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eBooks and Other Downloadables

Continuous Compliance on AWS

Main Idea: 82% of IT decision makers want to automate more compliance tasks. Learn how to automate compliance using AWS native tools (including AWS CloudFormation, configuration managment, networking and orchestration tools) in order to build repeatable, audit-friendly processes.

Ideal Target: Healthcare, Finance, Retail -- any highly regulated industry


HITRUST on the Cloud

Main Idea: HITRUST CSF Certification is increasingly a "must-have" certification for healthcare companies. But how does HITRUST differ from HIPAA, and how do you apply these requirements to AWS? This eBook provides a beginner's guide to understanding HITRUST on AWS.

Ideal Target: Healthcare SaaS


State of Cloud Compliance Report 2019

Main Idea: Logicworks and Wakefield Research surveyed 400 IT decision makers and found that 88% of companies believe compliance is a roadblock to cloud adoption, and 77% believe they would fail an audit if it occured today. This highlights the need for increased education around why AWS is not actually more complicated -- it's the best choice for any compliant workload. 

Ideal Target: Any highly regulated industry

Infrastructure Security in a Cloudy DevOps World

Main Idea: In AWS,  you have an opportunity to maintain governance programmatically across multiple workloads and accounts. In this eBook, learn how automate the launch and maintenance of repeatable, consistent infrastructure on AWS, so that your developers can never go "off the rails" and create one-off, insecure resources.

Ideal Target: Any security-focused IT professional 


Videos & On-Demand Webinars

AWS Landing Zone

 A short 2-minute video about what AWS Landing Zone is and how Logicworks can help you architect a secure multi-account infrastructure.


A 30-minute webinar with an AWS healthcare expert about how HITRUST CSF is different from HIPAA, and a real-life case study of how Logicworks helped a healthcare SaaS company achieve HITRUST compliance.

Docker vs Kubernetes vs Serverless

Our most popular webinar ever. For technical audiences. In this webinar, you will learn the differences and use-cases for serverless, AWS ECS, Kubernetes, or traditional AWS EC2 deployments from a Sr. Engineer who has built hundreds of environments for large companies on AWS.

Fast, Secure Deployments with Docker on AWS

In this joint webinar with AWS, Spring Venture Group, and Logicworks, get a life use-case of running Docker containers with AWS EC2 Container Service. Spring Venture Group is a healthcare company.


Why Logicworks for Healthcare?

  • We're one of the only AWS Premier Consulting Partners with HITRUST Certification
  • We have 25 years of experience working in Healthcare
  • 65% of our customers are in healthcare
  • We've build thousands of HIPAA and HITRUST-compliant AWS environments
  • We're compliance automation experts, so we can control how your developers launch and manage AWS resources in a compliant manner


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