AWS Cloud Security Best Practices for Retailers

With more organizations migrating to AWS, how do retailers successfully migrate to AWS and maintain security and compliance without losing the agility and performance benefits of the cloud?

In this webinar, learn how retailers can establish and maintain security best practices on AWS. We'll cover how to implement security automation to reduce error and risk, how to proactively enable compliance and simplify governance, and how to establish and support connections between AWS and on-premises/private cloud resources. 

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Learn how to establish cloud security best practices.

What is DevSecOps and Why Should You Care
The Biggest Little Security Vulnerabilities
The Happy Marriage of PCI Compliance & Automation
Key Technologies & Practices to Implement DevSecOps
Experts as a First Line of Defense

Meet the Presenter

Joe Rahimzadeh_LW

Joe Rahimzadeh Sr. Solutions Specialist
Joe is an experienced account executive working with organizations to strategize, plan, and execute complex cloud migrations, helping them realize the full benefit of a highly disruptive technology. Joe joined Logicworks in 2013 as a Solutions Specialist.

25 Years of IT Security Expertise

Logicworks has been helping customers achieve IT operational excellence and cloud compliance for over 25 years. Our innovative platform, dedicated certified engineers, and decades of traditional IT experience combine to enable our customers' success across every stage of the cloud journey.

Is Your Cloud Compliant?

Our AWS and Azure Certified Engineers can assess your environment for GDPR, HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI, SOC1, & SOC2, then remediate to protect against internal & external threats.