We are excited to launch Automated Backups for AWS! The purpose of this page is to give you a quick introduction to the new service and to answer your questions about the transition from last generation Logicworks backups to Automated Backups for AWS.



Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Automated Backups for AWS?

Automated Backups for AWS is a new Logicworks service that automatically takes and stores snapshots or AMIs of your AWS resources, including:

  • AWS EC2

 This 4th generation backup solution has been developed by Logicworks with a focus on security and compliance requirements.


How is this different from my current backup process?

If Logicworks currently manages your backups, you will experience no change or disruption in service. However, you may notice several enhancements, including:

  • You can now copy backups cross-region and cross-account
  • Backups will be installed more efficiently and with fewer potential issues
  • It’s easier to set custom retention periods

 Want more detail? Please download our full PDF Guide to Automated Backups for AWS.


What do I need to do to transition to Automated Backups for AWS?

Nothing. If you haven't already been transitioned to Automated Backups for AWS, your Service Delivery Manager will reach out to you after you are switched over to Automated Backups for AWS. The process is simple and you will not notice any disruption in service.


When is the transition to Automated Backups for AWS?

The change will take place over the next three weeks and will be completed by December 31, 2018. 


Can I change my backup schedules now?

Yes. Please file a ticket or reach out to your Service Delivery Manager.


How did Logicworks build Automated Backups for AWS?

Logicworks engineers built this system using AWS Lambda and AWS Systems Manager to set a backup schedule and retention period. The AWS Lambda function runs three times per hour. Once Automated Backups is installed,  you will see the first backups with a default configuration.

This functionality is not available natively through AWS. By working with Logicworks, you have access to these custom scripts built by our engineers and based on our experience across hundreds of AWS clients.


Have a Question?

Please file a ticket or reach out to your Service Delivery Manager to schedule a more in-depth walkthrough of Automated Backups for AWS.